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Stasis as Invention: In-Class Assignment

1. Facts/Problem What are the facts? An eating disorder is more than just strict diet and excessive exercise. It is a mental issue that, if not treated immediately, turns into a physical illness. Is there a problem/issue? Yes, there is a problem. Many people are faced with this disorder and some may not even be … Continue reading

WRT 102 Stasis As Invention( Capital Punishment)

1. Facts Capital Punishment is a method in which prisoners are punished by death for committing a crime of high caliber. One of the many problems with Capital Punishment is that felons who commit crimes have the ability to leave prison early due to good behavior, instead of serving life sentences. This factor in many … Continue reading

Possible Research Topics

The term ‘online piracy’ brings to mind the looting, murdering, vile barons of the treacherous open seas.  By this association, the term seems to label those who practice ‘file sharing’ as lawless swashbucklers. Is this appropriate, or is ‘file sharing’ really just a pleasant cover for stealing? Can it even be called stealing if someone … Continue reading

Possible Research Topics:

Possible Topics: 1. Eating Disorder: Although eating disorders are common in adolescents and adults, it is considered one of the highest percentage rates in death; health insurances refuse to cover patients because they do not consider an eating disorder as a medical illness.  2.Social Anxiety Disorder: There is an ongoing debate about what is considered … Continue reading

Topics for a research paper.

For our next research essay, I am usually not hooked when it comes to topics like science and studies of the brain, however, while reading the list of possible topics, I was interested in the category of ‘ethics of children as research.’ Although this is only an idea, it sparked many stories in my mind. … Continue reading

Possible Research Topics

For my research paper, I was considering writing about organ donation. I want to examine the benefits of donating organs as well as the controversies surrounding the practice. As it seems to be a predominantly useful practice, it would be interesting to know why some groups have concerns about it, and how valid their concerns may be. … Continue reading

Possible Essay Topics

1. The controversy on vaccines, especially the MMR vaccine, causing children to have autism. Parents say their kids did not show any signs of autism before they were vaccinated, but as soon as they are vaccinated they showed signs of autisms. However doctors and researchers have said that autism is genetic. This is interesting to … Continue reading

Research Topics

Possible topics: 1)      Do red-light cameras encroach on peoples privacies and provide too much surveillance? 2)      Is animal testing humane? 3)      Do physicians purposely provide miss-information about vaccines?   Some possible topics that I might be interested in researching for my project are, do red-light cameras encroach on people’s privacies and provide too much surveillance? … Continue reading