week 7

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Possible Research Topics

For a possible research topic, I like the suggestion of the development of new drugs, devices, or therapies, and their benefits and risks. My interest in this topic was originally sparked when I took a biotechnology course last semester and learned about many up and coming medicinal techniques, and even researched a possible new method … Continue reading

Research Topics

I would like to consider doing a paper on: 1) Stem cell research because that is still a big debate with lots of controversy. You have the religious groups and the science groups all arguing about it and I feel like it would be simple to find information on this topic and write about it. … Continue reading

Summary and Response: “The Truth About Grit”

IQ Tests, SAT Scores, or even attending an Ivy League College does not make that person any smarter or successful than a person who has a lower IQ Test, SAT Score or goes to a community college or no college at all. Jonah Lehrer’s article, “The Truth about Grit,” published on August 2, 2009 in … Continue reading