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Possible Research Essay Topics

My research essay will consider the role of science in providing insight to social problems. One topic I am interested in is Human Embryo and Fetal Research because there is much political controversy and medical support for this subject. The medical world has long been interested in human embryo and fetal research because it is … Continue reading

Summary Truth About Grit

Grit The Truth about Grit is an article written by Jonah Lehrer. The article measures the strange concept of grit. Grit is basically the perseverance and willpower to keep on going until you succeed. Lehrer speaks about grit as something that people can encourage and foster within themselves and is also the key to success. … Continue reading

The Truth About Grit Summary

Jonah Lehrer’s article, “The Truth about Grit” from the Boston Globe, introduces a new idea called grit. This term is somewhat vague and hard to measure, but Lehrer, as well as other scientists, attribute this idea to success. He describes this term to be when someone sets a specific long-term goal, and does whatever he … Continue reading

Response to Lehrer’s “The Truth About Grit”

Jonah Lehrer, in his article “The Truth About Grit,” discusses just what exactly is the recipe for success. He describes that beyond talent we are born with, beyond even intelligence, a certain perseverance is required, which he and other psychologists of a new wave in research call “grit.” This refers to setting a long-term goal … Continue reading

Summary and Response: “The Truth About Grit”

IQ Tests, SAT Scores, or even attending an Ivy League College does not make that person any smarter or successful than a person who has a lower IQ Test, SAT Score or goes to a community college or no college at all. Jonah Lehrer’s article, “The Truth about Grit,” published on August 2, 2009 in … Continue reading

Summ/RESP to “The Truth About Grit”

Taken from the Boston Globe “The Truth About Grit” focuses on the subject of people achieving their goals in life and striving for maximum succession. Furthermore the article explains how just by being an intelligent person doesn’t mean you will be able to succeed in this world. Within Lehrer’s article he says that much determination, … Continue reading

“The Truth About Grit” Response

“The Truth about Grit” is written by American Journalist, Jonah Lehrer, who avidly studies epiphanies and their lack of body of technique. When Isaac Newton presumably saw an apple fall from a tree and directly drop to the earth, instead of having a scientific process to explain the vision, he endured an epiphany. Grit cannot … Continue reading

The Truth About Grit

Jonah Lehrer’s article “The Truth About Grit” is an illuminating article which gives the audience a different perspective on innovation and intelligence. The article opens with the tale of Isaac Newton and the apple, the quintessential story of world changing innovation and genius. Lehrer sheds new light on the well known anecdote, revealing some of the … Continue reading

Steve Pinker: The Moral Instinct

Steve Pinker’s article, “The Moral Instinct,” published in The New York Times on January 13, 2008 draws the readers with a simple question that seems easy to answer; “which of the following people would you say is the most admirable: Mother Theresa, Bill Gates or Norman Borlaug?” This question, as simple as it may seem, … Continue reading


The “Moral Instinct” an essay written by Steven Pinker and published  in The New York Times is an article which focuses on the Moral intuitions we value and base our reasoning on. He introduces many sub-topics in the morality of our beings such as rationalization, universal morals, and a variety of psychological states. He discusses … Continue reading