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Moral Instinct Summary

“The Moral Instinct,” originally published in The New York Times January 13, 2008, is an article by Steven Pinker in which the idea of morals is analyzed in various contexts. These contexts include society, religion, evolution, biology and psychology. The article, in dealing with such an expansive subject as morality, is organized in smaller sub … Continue reading

“The Moral Instinct”

In Steven Pinker’s “The Moral Instinct,” Pinker discusses the idea of morality. He gives many examples throughout the article on what some people consider morally wrong and asking people why they believe that it is wrong. Pinker then explains how morality could be genetic, but the environment also plays a role in developing morality in … Continue reading

On Writing Well

In Pinker’s novel, On Writing Well, he highlights key elements that most people do not understand about the art of writing. In an excerpt of eight chapters from his book, he explains that people become better writers by practicing their writing, even though their style may need some improvement. He highlights how you can improve … Continue reading

The Moral Instinct Summary

Why is it bad to harm others, but good to help them? Is it okay to kill one person in order to save five? Why is an unthinkable act to cut up a flag? These are all questions that were posed by Steven Pinker in the 2008 New York Times article “The Moral Instinct.” This … Continue reading