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Summary + Response to Eureka

“Eureka” by Jonah Lehrer is an article about insight, that moment when someone just suddenly understands or solves something. Mark Jung-Beeman is a cognitive researcher who has spent a long period of time studying insight. In the past, the right hemisphere of the brain was considered the minor hemisphere with the left hemisphere being the … Continue reading

The Eureka Hunt

In this article entitled “The Eureka Hunt” written by author Jonah Lehrer,  Jonah helps to inform the reader on the steps of gaining insight. Starting off very specific enough to catch his readers attention he begins this article by giving us a overall on a tragic incident involving a massive forest fire in Missoula, Montana … Continue reading

Summary and Response to “The Eureka Hunt”

The article entitled “The Eureka Hunt” by Jonah Lehrer describes the concept of what an insight is and how a person reaches one. Insights contradict the classic model of learning in which the learning process is gradual. The author explains that first the brain has to undergo a “search phase.” Then, before an insight can … Continue reading

Summary & Response to “The Eureka Hunt”

The article, “The Eureka Hunt,” introduces us with the story of a firefighter,Wag Dodge and his survival during an out-of-control fire in the Mann Gulch, in Montana. The fire was spreading faster and heading toward the direction of the firefighters. Dodge, in a moment of insight, had an escape plan; he stopped running, igniting the … Continue reading

Response to “Eurekas Hunt “

This article is written Jonah Lehrer whom questions why the ideas in our head come to our mind when they do. In the situation with Wag Dodge he was able to analyze the situation in front of him and light a second fire to save his life. For years scientists had wondered about what it … Continue reading