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Thernstrom Freewrite

1. The proposition of creating a perfect mental self was enticing. 2. The article is mostly a science essay but Thernstrom uses her personal accounts to support the science. There was great deal of focus on the idea of controlling pain, rather than her trials and struggles with pain. 3. Her idea of being a martyr … Continue reading

Thoughts on Thernstrom’s Essay

When I first read Thernstrom’s essay, I felt like it was a scientific article told in the most natural and relatable way possible. It didn’t too difficult to understand while using context that showed another side of writing then just academic. To say this essay was personal would be pushing it but saying its purely … Continue reading

My Pain My Brain In Class Questions

1. My first thought after reading Thernstrom’s article was that the author had touched on an incredibly poignant subject and sparked a deeper interest in me about the workings of the brain. 2. This text incorporates both science and personal stories which make it difficult to assign it to a particular category, as it is … Continue reading


1) When I first read Thernstrom’s article about pain I thought that the subject she was writing about was interesting and was inspired to keep reading, especially because of the style and tone of her article. 2) I feel that Thernstrom’s article was written as a personal essay. Although she includes various facts about neuroimaging and how the brain and the body interact with … Continue reading

Eric McDuffie Response

1. When i intially started to read “My Pain, My Brain” i had doubts that i would actually be able to not only like the article but also be able to get the contexts i needed to get out of the article. The title itself didnt grasp my attention and as she tries to introduce her ideas … Continue reading

Free write “My Pain, My Brain”

1. I thought it was really interesting and could be very helpful for people with any kind of pain. It made me think about how I could help with any pain that I have. 2. It talks about her personal experiences but it also has science terms and information from outside sources. I think it … Continue reading

Thernstrom Article Analysis

1) My first thoughts after reading Thernstroms article was “Wow, technology sure has changed.” I mean, we can see a visual representation of how much pain we are in, and it’s represented as a flame of all things, that just sounds awesome to me. I could never imagine something like this before, it almost sounds … Continue reading

Category 1 :First Readings

2. The genre of this essay is non-fiction science. Melanie Thernstrom is  is a patient that has been victim to chronic pain for 15 years now and is trying to figure out how to control the mind. It is a non- fictional piece based on her research and it is  a personal essay based on … Continue reading

Focused Freewriting (Thernstrom)

Category 1 1. My initial reaction to Thernstrom’s article was fascination with the question raised in reference to the philosophical debate over altering consciousness. I haven’t delved deeper into thinking about it as of yet, but first off I felt that I wouldn’t want my consciousness to be transparent to me. Some things are better … Continue reading

Focused Freewriting: Thernstrom

Category 1: 1) My initial thoughts were that it was awesome to see research being put into a study of how the subconcious affects our physical well-being. 2) This seemed to be an article that infused the factual details behind the procedure with Thernstrom’s personal experience. So the while the science was still there, it … Continue reading