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Topics for a research paper.

For our next research essay, I am usually not hooked when it comes to topics like science and studies of the brain, however, while reading the list of possible topics, I was interested in the category of ‘ethics of children as research.’ Although this is only an idea, it sparked many stories in my mind. … Continue reading

‘The Truth About Grit’ Response.

Grit is defined as a mixture between persistence and curiosity, which requires pure effort rather then pure intelligence. Although many may believe founders like Newton and Edison were genius for discovering something new, what people fail to realize is that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Epiphanies of great discoveries don’t come from some … Continue reading

moral instinct. week 5

  Moral intuition is looked at in the article “The Moral Instinct” by Steven Pinker  as a sixth sense. It is the reflection of admiration and awe that alters our conception of the meaning of life.  As pinker puts it, “Moral goodness is what gives each of us a sense that we are worthy human … Continue reading

Week 4: Eureka

In the article “The Eureka Hunt,” author Jonah Lehrer discusses the act of insight. Insight is immediately knowing the solution to a problem with the feeling of certainty to accompany the idea. Lahrer discusses the mapping of an epiphany by completing tasks like having people explain their process while trying to solve a puzzle. By … Continue reading

Week 3 : Classwork – 02-9-12

“In these girls, they’re linked, yet each act as a whole. It’s like a force of nature-the brain wants to unify.” Within daily encounters with the sisters, mother Felicia Simms has noticed little repetitive incidents. When the girls would be asked a question individually, they would respond with “we” instead of “I” who made her … Continue reading

Conjoined Twins response.

Could conjoined twins share a mind? is an article published in the New York Times Written by Susan Dominus on May 25th 2011 about two sisters, Krista and Tatiana Hogan, who were born joined at the head. The medical term of twins joined at the head is known to be, craniopagus. This article breaks down … Continue reading


  Category 1  When Reading Thernstorm’s article, I was enlightened with the new perspective of pain although I came to disagreement by the end. I believe this essay should be categorized as a personal essay rather than a science essay because although it is informational, it initially begins with a story of a woman dealing … Continue reading