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Considering Context in Writing

Every act of communication—through spoken words, text, sounds, gestures, or images—is shaped by a number of factors. In writing, when we analyze a text we look closely at its rhetorical situation, the various elements that together form the text. We’ve discussed in class the importance of analyzing these various elements in writing (e.g., writer, reader, … Continue reading

Cathy Davidson on Susan Dominus’ article

As you are composing your response to the NY Times Magazine article by Susan Dominus, I thought I would post this response to it by Cathy Davidson, who teaches at Duke and heads HASTAC (a digital humanities network of sorts). As you’ll see from her response, Davidson is a fan of the article, especially the … Continue reading

Melanie Thernstrom’s NY Times article, “My Pain, My Brain”

Your first post is due before Tuesday’s class. Detailed instructions on posting can be found here under “Blog Guidelines.” You’ll summarize and respond to Melanie Thernstrom’s “My Pain, My Brain.” Look up any vocabulary/references that are unclear, and post here questions you have about the article.

welcome to WRT 102.21

This is our course blog, where you will post reading responses, summaries, freewrites, links to particular topics, as well as respond to the posts of your classmates. I look forward to reading and writing with you.

about this course

The subject of this course is writing. One of the goals of this course is to help you to develop the ability to read, think, and write critically. Over the course of this semester we will learn to ask good questions and critically engage a range of ideas, beliefs, and arguments. Through a range of … Continue reading