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Possible Research Topics

The term ‘online piracy’ brings to mind the looting, murdering, vile barons of the treacherous open seas.  By this association, the term seems to label those who practice ‘file sharing’ as lawless swashbucklers. Is this appropriate, or is ‘file sharing’ really just a pleasant cover for stealing? Can it even be called stealing if someone … Continue reading

Moral Instinct Summary

“The Moral Instinct,” originally published in The New York Times January 13, 2008, is an article by Steven Pinker in which the idea of morals is analyzed in various contexts. These contexts include society, religion, evolution, biology and psychology. The article, in dealing with such an expansive subject as morality, is organized in smaller sub … Continue reading

The Eureka Hunt, Response

The Eureka Hunt, by Jonah Lehrer is an article published in The New Yorker that explores the connection between insight and the brain. The article begins with the story of a 1949 Montana wildfire in which Wag Dodge, a firefighter, executed a critical ‘in the moment’ lifesaving decision, narrowly escaping certain death. This decision, to … Continue reading

ACE Exercise

The girls share a most unique bond,exchanging and experiencing each others sensory stimulus, almost as one. But even as they’re so connected, the twins exhibit clear signs of individuality. The question is asked, “What pronoun captures that?” This hints at the struggle the twins may have in defining their identity. As a question, the reader is imparted a sense … Continue reading

Thernstrom Freewrite

1. The proposition of creating a perfect mental self was enticing. 2. The article is mostly a science essay but Thernstrom uses her personal accounts to support the science. There was great deal of focus on the idea of controlling pain, rather than her trials and struggles with pain. 3. Her idea of being a martyr … Continue reading

Response- Could Conjoined Twins Share a Mind?

The article, Could Conjoined Twins Share a Mind? by Susan Dominus, discusses a unique case of young conjoined twins, Krista and Tatiana.  As craniopagus twins, the four year old girls are connected at the head, specifically sharing cranial blood vessels and a connection between each other’s thalamus. The thalamus relays sensory input to other regions … Continue reading

My Pain, My Brain

In My Pain, My Brain by Melanie Thernstrom, the brain and its perception of the severity of physical pain is discussed. The interesting idea analyzed is the ability of one to regulate this pain through thought alone. This is especially relevant to the author as she herself suffers from a clinical condition known as chronic … Continue reading