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Stasis as Invention

1.       Facts/Problem Cannabis is classified as a Schedule 1 substance under United States Controlled Substances Laws While cannabis remains illegal, the prison system will continue to fill up, money will be sunk into ineffective DEA operations, and the drug cartels of South America will continue to make a profit off American consumers. Cannabis has been … Continue reading

ACE Paragraph

Susan Dominus explains how the twins, although challenged, are able to overcome adversity in a number of ingenuitive ways. She recalls a situation in which the girls dropped a crayon, and she reached for it in an attempt to help them. However, she finds the crayon already retrieved, with Krista explaining the she used her foot. Dominus then … Continue reading

Summary of Dominus

Susan Dominus’ account of Tatiana and Krista Hogan gives us a glimpse into the world that the two of them have to share. She explains that the twins were born as craniopagus twins, meaning that they were born joined at the head. While they had the option to undergo a surgery when they were young, … Continue reading

Focused Freewriting: Thernstrom

Category 1: 1) My initial thoughts were that it was awesome to see research being put into a study of how the subconcious affects our physical well-being. 2) This seemed to be an article that infused the factual details behind the procedure with Thernstrom’s personal experience. So the while the science was still there, it … Continue reading

Response to “My Pain, My Brain”

In this article, Melanie Thernstrom describes her experience with an experimental new technology that is designed to have a person calm their own feelings of pain by actively trying to control the portions of the brain that cause them. By having a monitor project her brain activity, she was able to try various tactics to … Continue reading