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Stasis as Invention

Facts/ Problems Genetically modified (GM) food is rapidly growing acceptance with different countries. The issue is that GM foods and crops are relatively bad for the body but yet still gain approval of governments to be grown and distributed. It started with scientist trying to find new ways to make more and bigger foods for … Continue reading

Stasis as Invention

1.       Facts/Problem Cannabis is classified as a Schedule 1 substance under United States Controlled Substances Laws While cannabis remains illegal, the prison system will continue to fill up, money will be sunk into ineffective DEA operations, and the drug cartels of South America will continue to make a profit off American consumers. Cannabis has been … Continue reading

Stasis Exercise

1. Facts/Problem What are the facts? Genetically modified foods have both harmful effects as well as helpful effects on the environment and people. The genetically modified foods help the environment by reducing reliance on pesticides, and also benefit people by increasing crop yields. They can produce a large quantity of adverse health effects in the human … Continue reading

Static exercise

Gene Therapy 1. Facts/Problem What are the facts? Gene therapy is currently an experimental procedure that involves the intentional transfer of genetic material into human cells in for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. Is there a problem/issue? Gene therapy is not completely safe treatment option, for instance if the DNA is integrated in the wrong place … Continue reading

Stasis as Invention

Facts- Animal testing has become an alarming issue. As industry increases, the demand for goods also increases. As a result, suppliers need to test more goods as the growth of technology demands this. Scientists are locking up million of animals in labs as they test various substances in order to deem whether or not they … Continue reading

Stasis as Invention- Human Embryo and Fetal Research

Facts/Problem Facts: Medical Support, Political controversy, statistics, opinion based answers, embryo used for study before considered a “human being” Is there a problem/issue? Human embryo and fetal research is promised to advance basic science and help to develop vaccines/therapies to ease painful diseases. Has trouble because political figures and anti-abortion supporters view the research as … Continue reading

Stasis as Invention

Facts The fact about disparity and discrimination in the health care system is that is has been researched and proven that people of certain races and socioeconomic classes, as well as people who live in specific geographical locations can except to receive a lower standard of healthcare than other U.S. citizens who fall into different … Continue reading

Stasis As Invention Assignment

Eric McDuffie Professor Kristina Lucenko WRT 102 3/20/12 Facts? Problems Plastic Surgery has been around for ages used for severe medical injuries that patients have suffered from war. Today plastic surgery is overly exploited and is damaging the American society as a whole dealing on issues of beauty. When the media began to exploit celebrities … Continue reading

Stasis as Invention Assignment

Facts/Problems Placebo has been around since the beginning of medicine. Many doctors and medical institutes use placebos as a method to treat patients, the question is though, is that actually an effective way to treat patients? Is a placebo better than normal medicine? How do you know that the belief in placebo is the thing … Continue reading


Hallucinogenic drugs have strong psychological effects that often involve a feeling of expanding consciousness and oneness with the universe. For this reason they have been used since ancient times to facilitate religious experiences; however, because these same drugs are also abused recreationally, there is a dominant culture that magnifies their harmfulness and overlooks their benefits. … Continue reading