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1. Facts/problem: The Affordable Care Act helps many people, but it is danger of being repealed by the republicans that are running for office. The people who are being helped by this act then would go back to not being able to afford or have health care.

2 Definition: This means that people will be unable to have health care if the act is repealed. The act being revealed would affect many people who can not afford health care or are unable to get it because of previous medical condition. It would mainly effect late teens- early twenties women because with this act children are able to stay on their parent’s health care until they are 26 but without that it would be hard for younger women to get health care for themselves.

3. Quality/Value: It would be a bad thing for the Affordable Care act to be repealed. The only reason republicans have for repealing it is that the taxes of wealthier people would go down. The cost of the act being repealed would be for lower income families to suffer going throughout their lives without health care.

4. Action/ Policy: The act should not be repealed and the only way to stop it from being repealed would be to not vote for republicans.




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