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Stasis Exercise

1. Facts/Problem

  • What are the facts?

    Genetically modified foods have both harmful effects as well as helpful effects on the environment and people. The genetically modified foods help the environment by reducing reliance on pesticides, and also benefit people by increasing crop yields. They can produce a large quantity of adverse health effects in the human body.

  • Is there a problem/issue?

    The problem/ issue is that these genetically modified foods could be harming our bodies right now, or have negative health consequences after long term consumption.

  • How did it begin and what are its causes?

    Genetic modification of foods began in 1994 (for human consumption).The purpose was to delay ripening in fruits, and to make crops resistant to insects.

  • What changed to create the problem/issue?

    Scientists have been looking of a cure for genetic diseases and because genetic engineering in plants is somewhat sucessful, they wanted to see if they could treat disfunctional human cells.

2. Definition

  • What is the definition of the problem/issue?

    “Genetically modified foods are foods derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Genetically modified organisms have had specific changes introduced into their DNA by genetic engineering techniques.” -Wikipedia

  • What exactly is the nature of the problem/issue?

    Genetically modified foods have been around for approximately two decades. Studies have been done on animals that show mild to severe side effects relating to consumption of these foods.

  • To what larger class of things or events does it belong?

    One benefit of genetic modification is an increase in crop yield, which can aid the problem of world hunger.

3. Quality/Value

  • Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

    Genetic modification of foods have both positive and negative effects, however I am going to prove that the negative health effects outweigh the positive effects, and they should not be produced or consumed.

  • How serious is the problem/issue?

    The issue is one which relates to the health and well being of humans, which I consider to be a very serious issue.

  • Whom might it affect?

    Genetically modified foods effect anyone who shops at an ordinary supermarket and consumes produce sold there.

  • What happens if we don’t do anything?

    People will begin to notice adverse health effects associated with consumption of genetically modified foods.

  • What are the costs of solving the problem/issue?

    The cost of ceasing production of genetically modified foods would be substantial, but the labeling of genetically modified foods wouldn’t cost nearly as much.

    4. Action/Policy

  • Should action be taken?

    Yes, action should be taken on part of both the producer and the consumer.

  • Who should be involved in helping to solve the problem/address the issue?

    Health agencies and consumers an play the biggest role in addressing this problem. Although the manufacturers of the genetically modified foods could play a role,the probability of them doing so is small.



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