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week 9

Stasis as Invention

  1. 1.       Facts/Problem
  • Cannabis is classified as a Schedule 1 substance under United States Controlled Substances Laws
  • While cannabis remains illegal, the prison system will continue to fill up, money will be sunk into ineffective DEA operations, and the drug cartels of South America will continue to make a profit off American consumers.
  • Cannabis has been around since early times; U.S. classified it as a drug in the 1930’s.
  • Governmental propaganda began to fail as people began to stop viewing it as the poison it was being portrayed as.
  1. 2.       Definition
  • Despite the large amount of research conducted that show cannabis had numerous medicinal properties and benefits, it remains illegal.
  • The federal government officially classifies it as a Schedule 1 drug. Many states have decriminalized cannabis, and some have allowed its use for medicinal purposes. However, it still remains illegal in the eyes of the DEA, so many conflicts arise from this.
  • This topic relates to the topic of drug policy in the United States. Some feel cannabis is miscategorized, and want it rescheduled.
  • States like California have been leading the way by allowing doctors
  1. 3.       Quality/Value
  • The question of whether allowing cannabis use is a very heavy moral area. Many people view it as a drug, and will continue to do so regardless of its legal status. However, from a purely scientific perspective, it would do more good than harm.
  • Though it may not be critical to our nation’s safety, this is a topic that, in the eyes of the people, has been gaining importance. The more that people form an opinion, be it good or bad, the prevalence of the subject will rise.
  • This would affect the people who currently use cannabis as a form of treatment for their disorders. It would make it much more accessible to them. It would also strip money from the drug dealers that currently profit off of cannabis.
  • If we don’t do anything, the current situation continues as it has for the past 70 years.
  • The costs would be very minimal, if at all existent. Apart from whatever backlash the government would get for legalizing, there would be no need for large expenditure.
  1. 4.       Action/Policy
  • Once again, in the current state of things, keeping cannabis illegal is doing much more harm than good. Many problems could be fixed by addressing the issue.
  • The general public would be the most effective tool in t helping to solve this. Because it is a law that needs to be changed, a larger public demand would resonate better with the lawmakers.
  • The solution is very straightforward: legalize cannabis, at least the medical aspects of it.
  • In order to solve this, it comes down to informing as many people on the issue as possible, and convincing them that there is merit to legalizing it. Without public support, this cannot be achieved. 


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