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Stasis as Invention


Animal testing has become an alarming issue. As industry increases, the demand for goods also increases. As a result, suppliers need to test more goods as the growth of technology demands this. Scientists are locking up million of animals in labs as they test various substances in order to deem whether or not they are safe to be consumed by humans. However, this means that scientists are exchanging one life for another.


Animal testing is a wide spread issue that is undoubtedly occurring in society. This is significant because it is something that everyone, as individuals, can ultimately relate to. I am sure at what point or another everyone has consumed a product that has been tested on an animal. Additionally, the majority of families in the United States also have a pet. Therefore, these conflicting actions can be thought of as a problem.


Millions of animals are killed in the name of science. The question is, when will scientists stop, or when will it be enough? Will the population of a specie one day become extinct due to this animal testing? If so, then what will happen? Will the scientists move on to other species? Therefore, this issue is alarming and can ultimately affect in society in ways other than morale. However, a cost of solving this problem can be that we will not know what goods are safe for us to consume. However, maybe alternative methods can be investigated.


The government should take actions or precautions in order to make regulations. If society acts as a whole and bans the use of products that harmed animals, it will hurt the retailers, and in turn hurt the industry. As a result, if the demand decreases, maybe the need for animals will decrease as well.



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