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WRT 102 Stasis As Invention( Capital Punishment)

1. Facts

Capital Punishment is a method in which prisoners are punished by death for committing a crime of high caliber. One of the many problems with Capital Punishment is that felons who commit crimes have the ability to leave prison early due to good behavior, instead of serving life sentences. This factor in many peoples point of views is very unfair because the subject may easily enter the world and commit another crime easily taking the lives of many innocent people. Many people have their own reasons for wanting Capital punishment such as decreasing the crime on streets to help better the community, and give children the ability to walk around their neighborhood safely. Although the counter argument is many, people in our judiciary system are charged for many crimes in which they did not commit and suffer from the capital punishment because the ruling was not overturned in time. Capital Punishment has been in our world since the Ancient Romans existed, in which they utilized it to further prevent retaliation against their government. And even the Ancient Egyptians utilized the method of capital Punishment, to punish civilians for crimes and sacrifice them for rituals.

2. Definition

The nature of this problem originates from events such as the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers. Americans feel terrorists should be given the death penalty because they are deadly murderers, but where the dilemma lies is that just because they took innocent peoples lives does not just mean we should. Why cant they just be given a full life- sentence with no chance of leaving prison. The meaning of the definition though speaks for the truth.  Capital Punishment is a punishment given to people who committed murder, but not all prisoners face it. Many people would prefer it because it keeps criminals off the streets and cuts taxes for them to pay, because it costs over a million dollars to house a prisoner for a life sentence.

3/4 Quality/ Action

Capital Punishment is a good and bad thing because it saves the U.S money and keeps criminals off the streets, and future criminals from rising because they no the consequences at hand. It is a bad thing because we are taking the lives of people and just because a criminal kills does not mean we should retaliate in the same method. What ever happened to forgiveness of peoples sins. Yes, murder is a heavy crime but we are not barbarians whom go around killing whoever we want. Its tragic that someone is killed but we need to be humane about situations. Of course if we abolish capital punishment it will only cost more tax dollars for us but justice needs to be served. Furthermore the government needs to develop an appropriate method in which they can determine if someone deserves capital punishment, and not just authorize it to cut a responsibility to funds. Its hard to decide what needs to be done though because many people suffer from it who never committed the crime they were charged of. The fact lies that repeat offenders and people who enjoy killing do not deserve to walk our street. I feel that it is important to send a message to all future “thrill-killers” that taking the life of another human is wrong and if they decide to try it, they must face the consequences-Death.





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