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Possible Research Topics:

Possible Topics:

1. Eating Disorder: Although eating disorders are common in adolescents and adults, it is considered one of the highest percentage rates in death; health insurances refuse to cover patients because they do not consider an eating disorder as a medical illness.

 2.Social Anxiety Disorder: There is an ongoing debate about what is considered shyness and at what point does it turn into a social phobia. How is SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) different from shyness? And, are we a society of anxiety? I would look at what triggers this disorder from a behaviorally, physically, mentally and emotionally aspect.

3) Dreams: How do dreams affect our every day life and why they are important to our lives. Or how can we control our dreams through LUCID Dreaming. Or Dreams as a result of a thinking process. Or Do blind people dream? Dreams prevent psychosis?

I chose eating disorders as one of my research topics because it is one of the highest percent death rates around the world and yet many people do not take this topic serious. Everyone is so concerned about Depression and Obsession-Compulsive disorder but many ignore those who are faced with an eating disorder. As I was researching about eating disorders, an issue and concern was brought to my attention; Schizophrenia, depression and other mental illnesses are covered by health insurance but not eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. There have been many cases and stories where a person has died of an eating disorder because they did not have the proper care and because insurance companies denied patients coverage. I would like to research more about eating disorder and health insurance. I would like to know more about this issue and hopefully people will put an effort to get insurance carriers to cover this disorder as they would any other illness.


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