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week 8

Possible Essay Topics

1. The controversy on vaccines, especially the MMR vaccine, causing children to have autism. Parents say their kids did not show any signs of autism before they were vaccinated, but as soon as they are vaccinated they showed signs of autisms. However doctors and researchers have said that autism is genetic. This is interesting to me because I have wondered why parents don’t let their children get vaccinated. And I wonder if parents still aren’t getting their children vaccinated when some studies have proven that autism is genetic and vaccinations don’t cause them.

2. Disparities in access to health care and how race and ethnicity cause differences in health care. Racial and ethnic minorities have higher rates of disease, but also have reduced access to health care. I am interested in this topic because my mother didn’t have health care for a while. She had it through her job, but then got sick and was fired for it so she was sick without health care and I want to learn more about why some races and ethnicities have reduced access to health care, but have more diseases.



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