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Summary Truth About Grit


The Truth about Grit is an article written by Jonah Lehrer. The article measures the strange concept of grit. Grit is basically the perseverance and willpower to keep on going until you succeed. Lehrer speaks about grit as something that people can encourage and foster within themselves and is also the key to success. Science has shown that the grittiest people are generally the most successful; a common example presented in the article was Isaac Newton who had enough grit to keep working on his gravity theory until he was successfully able to complete it. Grit requires focus and conviction, you have to narrow everything down to one goal and do whatever it takes to succeed. Grit is being looked at in the real world as well; the military looks for grittier soldiers to succeed in the battlefield and teachers try to promote grit so as to help students become more successful. Grit is a powerful mental ability that can lead to triumph!

This article stirred me because it is very similar to Lehrer’s other article The Eureka Hunt. They both are articles centered on mental concepts with lots of science and facts to back it up. The grit article also interests me because I think that as a person I don’t have a lot of grit. As of now I am still undecided and I am not sure what to go for. Hopefully for me, my experiences in Stony Brook will help me to become a grittier person and therefore a more successful person.

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