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Summ/RESP to “The Truth About Grit”

Taken from the Boston Globe “The Truth About Grit” focuses on the subject of people achieving their goals in life and striving for maximum succession. Furthermore the article explains how just by being an intelligent person doesn’t mean you will be able to succeed in this world. Within Lehrer’s article he says that much determination, and the ability to persevere your goals no matter what obstacle impedes on your journey; or in his exact terms what’s needed is “grit”. Also along with grit it is necessary for one to have confidence in the methods of work and believe what they are doing. They must keep their their goals in sight whether they be short or long term, and continue to pursue them so they can secure a career that is of their interest and beneficial to themselves.

Lehrer’s article was a very motivational and factual piece. It informs the reader that just being intelligent just wont cut it in this world, and you need perseverance to support it. I admire how straightforward it is to the reader, and in a sense that it can be a serious “eye-opener” for readers. All of us have goals in life, but its the ones who stick to their “grit” whom come out on top and have a successful career and even life. I also agree with Ashley’s point in which I do not exactly agree with Duckworth’s points. My belief is that everyone in this life follows there own methods to succeed, whether it be by receiving a college education or not. Many of us have a variety of dreams and goals that develop when were in early childhood,and some of us pursue them and some of us dont. Some of us stick with those dreams but for others it takes a long while before we figure what we wish to do with our lives. And just because some of us do not attend college does not mean we will not succeed, its just a different path.




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