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“The Truth About Grit” Response

“The Truth about Grit” is written by American Journalist, Jonah Lehrer, who avidly studies epiphanies and their lack of body of technique. When Isaac Newton presumably saw an apple fall from a tree and directly drop to the earth, instead of having a scientific process to explain the vision, he endured an epiphany. Grit cannot be taught or measured like intelligence can be. Lehrer delves into the mental trait that is grit and presented the ideas of many in his article.  Grit gives human beings the drive to accomplish goals, no matter how large or miniscule. Grit can be described as persistence, a non-cognitive trait, and as self-control. Not many are interested in the study of grit because it is impossible to measure and focus on.  Lehrer explains grit as the key to a human beings life success.

The article began with a stimulating review from the Boston Globe which prepares the readers for constant data. The review began with questions to make the reader ponder what information was to come and establish premature thoughts on the subject (grit). Lehrer also included a surplus of quotes from recognizable sources which gave the article definite substance such as psychologists, published authors, and inventors. The sources gave different views to the subject of the immeasurable:  grit. Instead of beginning the lead with the author promoting his own personal views, he began with “the single most famous story of scientific success,” Isaac Newton’s vision which sparked his study of gravity. This lead enabled readers to ponder and establish their own premature thoughts on the subject. By doing this, Lehrer established a distinct mood. The article taught readers that education is valuable but not the key to success despite being an often overlooked aspect. Grit can be determined by “how kids respond to challenges” or “how a child is praised can significantly influence manner.”


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