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“The Truth About Grit”- Ashley Yevick

“The Truth about grit” from the Boston Globe is about how having ‘grit’ (sticking to one main goal) can make a person more successful in life. When an individual has one long-term goal that they never give up on even when it’s getting difficult, they are more likely to achieve hat goal and in return be more successful than someone who changes their career every year or two. The article mentions studies performed on middle schoolers to explain how your attitude on what makes you successful gets you farther or not. More importantly, the study showed that intelligence isn’t the main factor determining what student will get better grades, but their perseverance and confidence in their own work ethic and not just in how smart they are. Basically any person can come up with a goal, smart or not so smart, but it’s the person who has grit and sticks with that goal who comes out on top.

This article was purely factual and it’s purpose was to teach the readers that being smart won’t guarantee you success and you have to keep with it no matter what. I didn’t agree with everything such as when Duckworth said how students in college who stuck with their goal became more successful while the others who tried different things were not. There’s an exception to every rule and some people need to try different major and take a variety of classes to find a new and better start that they’re more passionate about; not everyone’s born knowing what they want to be when they grow up. Some students I know have their plan set out exactly and they stick with it and achieve that goal, but then they end up hating what they have so I wouldn’t call that successful. I do see what Duckworth means, but I think different methods work for different people so there’s no right or wrong way or timeline to become successful in the end.




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