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‘The Truth About Grit’ Response.

Grit is defined as a mixture between persistence and curiosity, which requires pure effort rather then pure intelligence. Although many may believe founders like Newton and Edison were genius for discovering something new, what people fail to realize is that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Epiphanies of great discoveries don’t come from some one being more smart then another person, it comes from one being more determined then another. It is “persistent in the face of obstacles-not piercing intelligence.” As discussed in the article “The Truth About Grit,” grit is what keeps you going. It is taking a long-term goal and doing whatever it takes to get to that goal without swerving around it even though it is always easier to give up. Having a high IQ is not enough to achieve a long-term goal because it takes effort. Nobody is smart enough to not have to work hard when it comes to achieving success.

            Lahrer gains credibility through out the discussion of grit by using famous Researchers such as Newton and Edison as well as survey studies and examples of people with various IQ scores. As an example is provided of students who were encouraged and discouraged to complete their work, it was shown that those who never stuck to something long enough never got the hang of things therefore could not aspire as much as those who were dedicated. Those who never stuck round long enough never got the time to get the hang of things. This is an idea that relates to a single-mindedness, which is supported with two kids who are in the music industry and practice on a piano. The one who sticks to the piano Is able to grow as a pianist while the one who is more into playing more instruments as well is never as good at the piano because he spends time on other instruments, proving that Those who never stuck round long enough never got the time to get the hang of things. As each argument is backed up with evidence, Lahrer is able to gain credibility within the article.

            Although this article was convincing, the idea of a prodigy takes away from the argument. What about those artists who start off singing and dancing at a young age and progress faster then those who practice all their lives at the same profession? Celebrities such as shakira for her belly dancing or Christina Aguilera for her voice are people who came into the fame world with no professional aid and still outshined those who have been practicing for years. Other then this one argument, I felt that this article was ore like a motivational speech to never give up and always keep your mind on things that you really want, and for that, as a college student reading this article, I feel this article was a positive reflection and a enlightening read. 



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