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week 5

Response to “The Moral Instinct”

“The Moral Instinct”, written by Steven Pinker, analyzes the depth of morals and labels moralization it as a sixth sense. The article is divided into several sections in order to organize the flow of information. Pinker introduces scenarios and talks about the good and bad choices decided by universal moral themes. He also brings up situations that spark strong emotions both directly and indirectly. Pinker describes how we have learned to subconsciously accept a standard of morals. Because of this, we immediately form emotions from events before comprehending the discrete moral standpoint of the situation. Pinker also describes “harm, fairness, community, authority and purity” as being “the primary colors” for moral sense.

I thought this article was structured very good and contained enough information to allow the reader to feel adept in the moral sciences. Pinker left out the “friendly” atmosphere and focused more on the scientific aspect of the topic, but it was fairly understandable that it is difficult to create a mood that wasn’t emotionally striking. I liked how Pinker brought up several situations in order to question the general standing of universal morality.



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