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Moral Instincts

“Moral Instinct” is an article written by Steven Pinker in the New York Times. The article discusses the moral reasoning that all people possess and how people are tempted to rationalize things for no reason. While most people would assume that Mother Theresa has done more to help people than Bill Gates, this is simply just not true because Bill Gates, despite his appearances, has actually saved a lot more people than Mother Theresa. The article also discusses how people have dilemmas with moral reasoning and moral rationalization. In the trolley car example, killing someone with your bare hands brought up several emotions while pulling a switch was a lot easier since you are not directly killing someone. In both situations, the utilitarian method would be to kill the one to save the five but in real life, its not that simple. Morality develops from a very young age, usually when one is a toddler. Moral science is a growing one, and a lot more is still being studied about it. Everybody has different moral values and one may seem fair to one side may be unfair to another.

This article to me was very confusing. Maybe it was the length and the diction but there were parts of it that just dragged on and one. The concept itself is interesting though since morality has always been up in the air. I really like that trolley example, I myself have no idea what I would do in that situation, probably I would be so frightened that I wouldn’t do anything.



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