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week 4

The Eureka Hunt

In this article entitled “The Eureka Hunt” written by author Jonah Lehrer,  Jonah helps to inform the reader on the steps of gaining insight. Starting off very specific enough to catch his readers attention he begins this article by giving us a overall on a tragic incident involving a massive forest fire in Missoula, Montana that left 13 firefighters dead and two barely able to escape. One of which reportedly having no clue of how he came up with an idea to avoid death seconds before he and is friends were engulf in flames. What he was able to think of at a crucial time was to create his own fire and almost lay down as the 50 feet wall of flames went over him. Although he had no clue that this trick would work his process of insight was trigger through his ability to relax from his right hemisphere of his brain.Soon after Jonah explains that although most people figure that the left side of the brain is more important the right side has equal importance as it is the part of the brain that help you to solve problems that you wouldn’t normally see and what we over look. But with the help of fMRI and EEg while volunteers are given C.R.A word puzzles scientist are able to trace it back to a small portion of the brain called the anterior superior temporal gyrus. Which was recorded to only be active after a gamma burst and distinctive alpha particle that are only triggered during relaxation. What made this article even more interesting was how author Jonah relates back to moments where we take showers and have these moment of revelations. By using the right hemisphere we are able to focus and leave out all irrelevant data allowing you mind to be more “receptive to new and unusually ideas”,some examples being Issac Newton, math legend Henri Poincare who stumbled on new ideas when they least expected it. Its amazing to know that even when we are at our the end of rope in solving problems our brain is able to bring us back, to solving what could have always been in front of us



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