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week 4

Response to “The Eureka Hunt”

In the article “The Eureka Hunt”, Jonah Lehrer explores the concept of insight, sometimes known as divine intervention or epiphany. Lehrer explains how we go into instantaneous “eureka” moments through study of the brain. He begins his article with a short story about a smoke jumper named Wag Dodge. Dodge almost died as he was engulfed in flames, but as he had an instantaneous insight, he thought of a way to save himself. He afterwards said it was simply “the logical thing to do”. Much research has been conducted by scientists in order to find out the cause and spark of insights. Through many experiments, researchers concluded that the right hemisphere of the brain has a bigger role in insight than we previously had thought. It was later discovered that scientists could use fMRIs and similar technology to map out the brain’s insight process.

Upon reading the article, I was completely appalled by how interesting the topic of insights was. The story that was introduced in the beginning of the article really pulled me into the writing and kept me interested in the topic. The phenomenon of insight is a really interesting subject which was well written about by Lehrer, as he used effective diction to communicate to the reader. I had a great time reading the article because Lehrer created a domestic atmosphere and asserted his knowledge.



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