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Eureka Hunt Response

In the article “Eureka Hunt” by Jonah Lehrer, the author explains insight, one of the most elusive mental phenomena. The article describes how insight occurs on multiple levels. Lehrer gives the reader an idea of which parts of the brain play a significant role in the experience of insight. He also shows the audience how one’s thought process and mindset can either help or impede insight. Throughout the article he also references famous instances of insight that relate to the various topics he discusses.

The article is very engaging and informative. As the topic is something that is universally experienced, it is automatically relatable, and the author ensures that it remains relatable by explaining difficult concepts and adding well known or helpful examples. The structure of the article contributes to its readability, as it starts and ends with an inspiring true story, giving it a hook in the beginning and a powerful ending. The author clearly shows that the article is well researched through his references to the experiments dealing with insight that were conducted, as well as through his explanations of the biological aspects of insight. Lehrer also adds somewhat quirky descriptions of different researches throughout the article, which gives the audience a better mental picture than the standard clinical looking figure that mention of researchers generally elicits.



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