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week 4

Response to “Eurekas Hunt “

This article is written Jonah Lehrer whom questions why the ideas in our head come to our mind when they do. In the situation with Wag Dodge he was able to analyze the situation in front of him and light a second fire to save his life. For years scientists had wondered about what it that was that gave us our ideas until ,Mark Jung-Beeman, a  neuroscientist at Northwestern University, discovered it was insight. The method of analyzing a situation and being able to come up with a a resolution to whatever the problem is. Furthermore in 1993 after Jung Beeman had a talk with  fellow psychologists, they were able to develop tests in which werent of strong difficulty but werent too easy, and they could analyze brain activity while people had taken these tests. Subsequently it was discovered that utilizing EEG and fMRi scans, scientists could create a map of “insights” process.

This topic appeared to me to very interesting because I was unaware of how amazing insight could really be. I also found it very interesting that many of our insights develop in our daily activity. For example when were taking a shower, were are at such a  peaceful relaxation phase that it allows us to gain elite focus and gain insight on current situations within our own life. In other words if we let our mind wander and zone everything else out of our minds, we will be able to analyze situations easier and develop solutions. What I find mos fascinating though is this is an article where the informative style does not seem to bore the reader. Utilizing a interesting scientific theme, and a subject that most likely is very unknown to many people it appeals to the readers interest. Nontheless  the author also makes use of pictures which appear to eye and allow the reader to understand the depths of insight better.



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