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week 3

Practice ACE for Dominus quotes

1. The very existence of Krista and Tatiana Hogan and their unique neural relationship challenges the concept of self that readers take for granted. Dominus states, “The average person tends to fall back on the Enlightenment notion of self—one mind, with privacy of thought and sensory experience—as a key characteristic of identity.” However, this is clearly not the case for these special twins, who incorporate sensory information from one another into their perceptions of the world. Dominus digs at readers’ imagination here by forcing them to rethink all they understand about identity.

2. Even though this is an article about the twins, so much of that entails focusing on the dynamic of the environment they are brought up in. Dominus takes note of how, “In the Hogan-McKay family, the fantasy of twinship, of a loving double, runs strong,” pointing out to the reader how different the girls may participate in their environment should a different attitude be present. Because Dominus underscores the importance of the positivity surrounding Krista and Tatiana, readers are persuaded to consider their own emotions towards the unique pair in a more positive manner.



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