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week 3

ACE Twinship

Krista and Tatiana Hogan share a thalamus therefore they share a mind. “In these girls, they’re linked, yet each acts as a whole. It’s like a force of nature—the brain wants to unify(Dominus).” The author Susan Dominus extrapolates this analogy to further explain how connected the twins are. Do the twins share a mind or a brain? “The average person tends to fall back on the Enlightenment notion of self—one mind, with privacy of thought and sensory experience—as a key characteristic of identity(Dominus).” Here, Dominus is eluding to a previous time period and thought to force the reader to question the twins identity themselves. Although the twins have obvious separate personalities, they have identical reactions. If Krista has an opinion or has a sensory experience, Tatiana automatically feels it with her. They are able to read eachothers mind through the thalamus bridge. Average people have their “privacy of thought,” but these girls share their privacy.

The thought of twins has always been extraordinarily exciting for the Hogan-McKay family; in fact they even searchfor it. “In the Hogan-McKay family, the fantasy of twinship, of a loving double, runs strong(Dominus).” This could also link to why the twins are treated as normally as any other individual. Twins to this family, is a sense of comfort.



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