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week 3

ACE Paragraph

Susan Dominus explains how the twins, although challenged, are able to overcome adversity in a number of ingenuitive ways. She recalls a situation in which the girls dropped a crayon, and she reached for it in an attempt to help them. However, she finds the crayon already retrieved, with Krista explaining the she used her foot. Dominus then remarks that, “neither girl could draw the letter X, but if there were a standardized test for grasping with toes, the Hogan twins would surely come up in the 99th percentile.” While she acknowledges that the twins may have developmental problems, but that doesn’t stop them from living life they way they want to. They have learned to solve problems in clever ways that many people would be incapable of doing.

Dominus also explains the girl’s senses of individuality. While joined at the head, and sharing an unknown mental bond, they still retain their own personalities. She explains that the girls use “I” and never “we” despite their connection.  Their situation is one that is so unique and special that she has to ask, “What pronoun captures that?”. She muses if they do this simply because of their lack of knowledge of the english language, or if they actually do view themselves as different people, each one existing as their own entity, even though they may share thoughts.



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