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week 3

ACE in class practice

 Because of the Hogan twins’ condition, their brain development is set behind for about a year. “Neither girl could draw the letter X, but if there were a standardized test for grasping with toes, the Hogan twins would surely come up in the 99th percentile.” Through every day mistakes they found out that grabbing things this their feet was possible but running a little slow on intellect which is to be expected by the doctors.

It’s thought if you separate the two girls, you would literally split the brain in two. “‘In these girls, they’re linked, yet each acts as a whole. It’s like a force of nature—the brain wants to unify.’” Even though they’re linked together both of them act like their own person yet contradicting that, they seem as one. Because of the way they are it’s all because of nature that they would be unified but yet they are their own with different personalities.


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