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week 3


Even though the conjoined twins may not be able to do normal things, such as bending down to pick up a crayon, but they work around that and adapt to what they have and can do. “Neither girl could draw the letter X, but if there were a standardized test for grasping with toes, the Hogan twins would surely come up in the 99th percentile.” She says this to show that even though the girls have been given a difficult situation, they are able to overcome it, and overcome it well.

 For this family, being  considered a ‘twin’ is more of a spiritual connection than a biological one. Dominus writes, “In the Hogan-McKay family, the fantasy of twinship, of a loving double, runs strong.” to show that they don’t see the conjoined girls as that much of an oddity. She goes on to say that a few members of this family feel as though they have a ‘twin’ whether it’s between cousins, a parent and child, or a child and his twin that he absorbed in the womb. By writing how twinship is a ‘fantasy’, it helps imply that these other members are not necessarily twins, but they do have that connection “of a loving double” and that’s really what a twin is to those who have one.





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