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Thernstrom Freewrite

1. The proposition of creating a perfect mental self was enticing.

2. The article is mostly a science essay but Thernstrom uses her personal accounts to support the science. There was great deal of focus on the idea of controlling pain, rather than her trials and struggles with pain.

3. Her idea of being a martyr protected from any pain by faith. This passage is important to Thernstrom because the fantasy enables her to assuage the pain. I find the prompts at the end interesting, can we ever really know what consciousness is?

4.There is empathy when she describes her pain.

5. She questions the therapy when she is burned by the probe.  When mentioning  placebos it plants an idea of doubt about the research.

6. The idea of a perfect mental self grabs the reader, keeps them interested. She asks if she will be able to learn and how does it work.

7. The idea of fire is mentioned often. She mentions acquiring second degree burns, burning witches, smell of burning hair. The image of fire is powerful; heat, light, destruction.

8. Shes asking for one to look at oneself.

9. She talks about transparency but there is doubt that you are looking at your mind and rather your mind functioning.

10. Mentions smell of burning hair, using the senses. Contrast of honey and water; smooth, flowing, and soothing.

11. Another perspective, someone with credible understanding of the complex issues to be further researched. To engage the reader and formulate ideas, think.

12. Pain comes in various forms and everyone has a different level of toleration.

13. Mackey defines the efforts of the study as a means to train the brain actively. DeCharms states that the brain is programmed to learn and relates the study to talk therapy.

14. Off the top of my head I think of meditation and ambient music.

15. Faith has a lot to do with the effectiveness I feel. The Bible or any holy scripture perhaps comes to mind?



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