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week 3

Summary of Dominus

Susan Dominus’ account of Tatiana and Krista Hogan gives us a glimpse into the world that the two of them have to share. She explains that the twins were born as craniopagus twins, meaning that they were born joined at the head. While they had the option to undergo a surgery when they were young, the family decided against it, as there were many risks involved in such a procedure. However, barring a year of developmental problems, they still live a rather successful life. They seem to understand each other in a way that others cannot. They also seem to share a cognitive bond. No one is entirely sure what the extent of that bond is, but it is undeniable that they share some sort of connection. Whether it is experiencing the other twin drinking, or seeing a toy they are holding, the twins have a connection stemming from their connection at the thalamus.  But just like any other little girls, they live their lives normally, with TV, playtime, and the occasional disagreement.



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