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Response to “Could Conjoined Twins Share a Mind?”

The article revolves around a central idea that twins conjoined at the head can possibly share the same mind, meaning that when one twin has a sensory experience, the other is aware of it without experiencing the event for themself. The article explores this topic through two little girls: Krista and Tatiana Hogan. Krista and Tatiana are 4 year old twins joined at the head, medically termed craniopagus. These unique twins are believed to have a special neural connection between their brains, allowing them to share physical experiences such as the sensation of drinking a liquid- even if the twin experiencing the feeling is not drinking herself. The article then went on to discuss ways that the twins’ development could be affected by how both the family and society responds to their difference. It also informs us briefly about other craniopagus, and ways they can be separated.

I was much more impressed with this article than the one we previously read. I felt the layout and structure was much more organized and focused, and didn’t branch off in too many directions. The style the author used was much like a news report: it was informative and to the point, something I appreciate. The topic also interested me more. It was very thought provoking, and raised several questions in my mind. I found it fascinating that the brains of the twins could be connected in a way that they could actually share experiences. This led me to think a little deeper. Could they share emotion, thought, or any other functions of the mind? Could they, in one way or another, even share consciousness? The article also led me to ponder the definition of their personal identities. If they share experiences (and possibly other brain functions), at what point is the line drawn that defines one girl from the other?



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