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“My Pain, My Brain”

Melanie Thernstrom’s article “My Pain, My Brain” talks about how a person brain has the ability to do the unthinkable. Knowing that you brain controls whether you receive pain or not, she wanted to test out whether or not if it’s controllable and if we could train ourselves to feel less pain. Through trial and error testing, her experiment came up with positive results and this made her more curious how much more are we capable of doing. Thenstrom herself suffers through chronic pains and thus this is the passion behind her research. While reading this article a reader could perceive this to be a scientific piece of work. However, she writes this with such emotions and feeling behind every word that it’s not just any old ordinary scientific article.

Having a true testimony behind her research made me think that she had more of an honest connection with the audience. Reading this you know that what she says is trust worthy and a meaning is behind everything she does. Since the pain affects her too, give her the empathy to write about something she’s dedicated for. And I as a reader feel the passion in what she does because of that connection in her article.


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