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“Could Conjoined Twins Share a Mind?”

Reading the article by Susan Dominus about the two sisters Krista and Tatiana Hogan joined at the head was very heart touching. Throughout the article it tells you how exactly the two functions and are still able to stay standing today. They had many problems like seizures and heart failure issues to worry about also. Because they are conjoined at the head, many nerves are attached making a pathway of information to flow freely from one side to the next. For example, when one would look at something and the other sister could tell what it is she’s looking at without turning around. I thought that this was a very interesting effect and with something like this, there’s no way scientist aren’t constantly studying these girls. They also found out that one sister’s heart basically controls about 1/4th of the blood flow in the other’s brain. So to say she’s like the motor for the two. But with all the inconveniences of them being conjoined, the consequence for separating is severe. They said there’s a high chance of them becoming paralyzed on one side of the body if the surgery was done. But all in all I think everyone has their heads up for these girls and their mother is a wonderful woman for making sure that they try their best to live a normal life.


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