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Cathy Davidson on Susan Dominus’ article

As you are composing your response to the NY Times Magazine article by Susan Dominus, I thought I would post this response to it by Cathy Davidson, who teaches at Duke and heads HASTAC (a digital humanities network of sorts). As you’ll see from her response, Davidson is a fan of the article, especially the way Dominus doesn’t fall back on conventional or reductive ways of writing about these girls and about brain science more generally. As Davidson argues, Dominus can’t and doesn’t say that the girls are normal, or just like any other kids, because they aren’t. At the same time, Dominus offers us examples of how they are normal, and like other kids. So as a writer she doesn’t leave us with a single moralizing “message” at the end of the article (as far as I can tell). Looking forward to discussing this more tomorrow in class.


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